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Ultimate Road Trip Packing list you need

By September 23, 2022September 24th, 2022No Comments

We all love a sudden getaway plan, especially from our work lives. And when it comes to road trips there is no exception for it to not fall under the fun criteria activity for family or a group of friends. Whether you choose to cruise down the roads of Chennai with your cool gang or take a solo trip to pondy, we have created the ultimate road trip packing list that you need to carry before you hit the winding roads.

Quick road travel hacks
On planning for a road trip, there is a list of necessities for both you and your car. Let’s start with the car. After all, it is your car that gives you comfort, right?

Never leave your home without carrying the essentials for your car road trip, as it can totally make your road trip go south if you’re unprepared.

License and registrations
It’s pretty obvious. Do NOT travel anywhere without them. They are the ultimate road trip essentials!

Spare tire
We may never know surely when a tire could go flat delaying you from your destination. It`s better if you check the one you have is in good condition and carry a spare before you are set to go.

Roadside Emergency Kit – A must cross off your road trip list
This all in one kit containing Battery Booster Cables, 2 Light Sticks, Reflective Vest, Emergency Rain Poncho, Warning triangle, Tire Pressure Gauge that has you covered for any possible circumstances during your road trip.

A Gas Can
A small gas can with fuel, added to your road trip packing list won’t matter much as it is a road trip essential in case you need to push it that last mile to the gas station.

Windscreen Covers
This is yet another road trip essential that helps cover window screens and keep the car cool and everyone cozy.

A Spot on Road Trip packing list for your Bike
Own a motorbike and eager to throttle down the highways?

Well, It’s most likely that there might be a time during your travel where you’ll regret not bringing along something you might require.

To avoid such a circumstance it’s better you have a quick run through of the necessities you should carry on your road trip packing list before you`re on the go.

– Riding Gear (Gloves, Riding Goggles, Boots & Helmet)
– A Spare Key
– Backpack with Light clothes
– Water Bottles – To keep you hydrated on the roads.
– Quick Bites – Chips, Energy Bars, etc
– GPS or Pocket Maps – You may enter a no signal zone.
– Head Lamps
– Neck Gaiter
– Tool Kit

The Road trip packing list – A Comfort Kit
Cross off the list one at a time as you pack your bags with these necessities that would definitely matter some part of the time during your road trip.

– Sunscreen & Glasses
– Beauty Kit and Refresher Kit (Hand towels, Wet Tissues, Sanitizers, Toothbrush & Paste )
– Prescriptions & Medicines

A quick snack list for the roads
Packing food for a road trip doesn’t have to be a tedious task. And the food doesn’t have to be unhealthy snack packs like you’d find at pit stops or gas stations. Here’s a little list of road trip snacks that are delicious, satisfying, and (mostly) nutritious.

– Sliced Veggies- Baby Carrots, Cucumber, Sweet Corn
– Dried Fruits & Nuts
– Protein or Energy breakfast bars
– Juice Boxes
Well, there we have it! The Ultimate Road Trip Packing List: Proportionately loaded with full of road trip essentials to keep your vehicle and you safe, comfortable & cheerful throughout the road trip.