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By September 27, 2022No Comments

5 Things You Need To Carry On A 2-Days’ Trip
Spontaneous weekend getaways or a short business trip calls for light and smart packing. If you are a traveler who loves snatching weekend opportunities to travel places or keep traveling now and then for business purposes, then you’d want to know some useful packing tips that will make your life easier. In today’s post, we’ll give you a lowdown on five essentials you need to carry on a 2 days’ trip.

Travel Charger
Just imagine a situation where you are not connected to your important contacts via phone. Nowadays, there are charging ports all over the public places but still, it is essential to keep oneself covered. Keep a travel charger which can hold sufficient enough juice to charge your phone.

Pack at least 3 pairs of undergarments to avoid washing them on a short trip. One for each day and keep one extra handy in case you might need to change. Also, keep a similar number of pair of socks to wear the fresh pair each day.

Business travel requires formal shoes but you are on a leisure trip, choose your shoes and slipper wisely as per the weather of the location. It is advisable to wear one pair of shoes and pack another if required. If you are traveling as a couple, you can also keep female slippers or shoes inside male shoes to save some extra space in your bag.

Think about your itinerary carefully to keep clothes which you actually need during the travel. You can also segregate your packing between casual and business dresses according to your itinerary to make things less confusing during the trip.

Make a checklist of essentials like shaving kit, makeup, dental kit, tickets, and credit and debit cards among others to make sure you don’t forget anything important. You can also skip packing shaving and dental kits until and unless you are not particular about it as all good hotels provide them during the stay.Packing of your travel stuff smartly will make your trip much more comfortable and organised. By following these points, you can easily pack your stuff for a 2-days’ trip without much hassle.