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Tips to Turn Your Business Trip into a Leisure Trip

By September 23, 2022September 24th, 2022No Comments

Business trips take you to so many new places, why lose on the opportunity of exploring a new city, of engaging in some relaxation after the deals are done. A lot of travellers are waking up to this new possibility of combining business with leisure.

Here are some tips to turn your business trip into a leisure one:

Add the family
Travelling alone and time away from the family is a reason of stress for a lot of people. Bring along your family and avoid missing loved ones thereby focusing better on work. Family friendly hotels like The Lotus with great facilities and proximity to local attractions are a great bet to keep the family and yourself in a great mood.

De-stress with local flavour
Business trips are stressful in nature, therefore, you can opt for long or short excursions to immerse yourself in the local experience, like Ayurvedic spa treatments, local bazaar treks, leisurely stroll in the sea beaches, etc. all such activities. For e.g. The Lotus’s amenities like fitness room, resident’s lounge and the Marina Beach just minutes away can rejuvenate you.

Club it with weekend or holidays
Add up the weekend before or after, or coordinate your trip to fall in place with public holidays to extend the business trips. The next time you visit Chennai book into The Lotus Hotel – Sameera and extend your stay to enjoy the historic landmarks and entertainment centres of the city. Or simply have a cozy weekend and just stay in, the in-room kitchenette facility definitely comes in handy.

Plan meetings at local locations
Yes, it’s a business trip but you can make it fun by planning the meetings at fun spots like local coffee shops, museums, a park or mall, or a restaurant famous for its local cuisine, speaking of cuisine The Lotus Hotel’s restaurant Spices offers a variety of local delicacies. In this way, you can treat yourself to some local flavour and even explore the place further once the work is over.

Choose the right hotel
The most intelligent part of turning business trips into leisure trips is choosing the right hotel: based on location—less commuting time, ease of access to business and entertainment hubs; and amenities. Choosing The Lotus, you are near the places that matter and also in the vicinity of places that can fill your expectations of leisure.

To summarize business trips doesn’t always have to be serious; it is up to the individual depending on how you plan your business trip. Ensure your business trips are always fun with The Lotus Hotels & Apartment Hotels.
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