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The Different Types of Guests Hotels Come Across

By September 23, 2022No Comments

Wouldn’t it be easier if all hotel guests were the same?

We would be able to meet all their expectations with complete ease, without changing anything drastically. There would be zero complaints and our lives would be simple. Our guests will happily review us with 5 stars and everyone would be ultimately happy to play a netent mobile casino no deposit bonus.

But alas, the truth is completely different. Some guests could not be more different from each other.

While hotels offer that relaxing and calming ambience, there’s always one or a group of guests who graze the lobby floor making everyone cringe at their presence.

From ever-shouting guests to the elevator chatterbox and everyone in between, we present the most common types of hotel guests hoteliers have to handle every day.

The Elevator Chatterbox
Brace yourself, chatter is shooting your way!

As soon as the elevator door closes, you’ll get every gossip about the celebs, their friends and of course, how the government is ruining their lives.

Did you want a minute of peace? Bid adieu to it for these chatterboxes will ensure that you get to hear the most irritating tone en route your room.

Elevator chatterboxes are undoubtedly one of the most common hotel guests!

The Never Happy Complainer
This guest is in a perpetual state of anger. But don’t worry; it’s not your fault. Anything that is beyond the hotel’s control still ends up their fault according to this guest. You know the type: something small goes wrong and no matter how much you help them, it’s never good enough.

A simple complaint – “the water in the shower wasn’t hot enough” – turns into a sad display of anger coupled with more complaints.

The Squabbling Couples
The fact that they’ve bickered all the way through their dinner is not enough for them. No, they take it to their hotel room.

And the worst part? They are annoyingly super loud, making other guests a little jittery.

The solution to these guests? Place them in soundproof rooms!

The Hotel Slob
While these guests may seem as ideal guests during their check-in, it’s at the time of their check-out that their true selves are revealed!

You’ll probably end up screaming in frustration after stepping into their now-vacated rooms.

The sight will burn your eyes!

Upturned beds, blankets crumpled, pillows torn and weird, questionable stains everywhere!

Let’s applaud all the hoteliers around the globe who survive yet another day of dealing with these guests.
Curious to know what your guest persona would be?

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