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The City’s Sweetest Instagram Spots!

By September 24, 2022September 26th, 2022No Comments

In today’s very active social media obsessed world, if you don’t post a spoon-worthy Instagram photo, will the world ever believe that you ate it? It has been said that ‘we eat with our eyes first’, and in today’s social media-addicted society, this rings truer than ever. Highly decorated, millennial cafes have now added the glory of making your Instagram feed as addictive as the food itself.

Chennai, which was placed in the 2nd place in National Geo’s top 10 food cities in 2015, offers an unmatched selection of gorgeous cafes for all your needs. From sky-high sundaes to delicious pasta that breaks the bank, Chennai never fails to surprise you!

To celebrate our favorites, we’ve selected some of the city’s most Instagram-worthy calorie bombs for you to indulge:

Amethyst Café
While we know that the Amethyst Café is already on almost everyone’s Chennai’s food bucket list, we also know it’s for good reasons. The café’s tasty food gels effortlessly well with its ambiance, making it every foodie’s favorite. This old colonial styled café is decorated with blossoming greenery and houses a flower shop and a boutique as well. The stunning outdoor seating combined with its classy interiors makes the Amethyst Café the perfect choice for you and your buddies.

Gusto Café
Imagine a café with seven different themes under one roof. That’s Gusto Café for you! With eccentric seven different décors in its seven chambers soothes your eyes, tummy and your camera. Needless to say, you can always find youngsters flocking here together for selfies and Instagram shoots tirelessly. You won’t be able to resist clicking endless photos once you see the street artwork that’s been painted near the car park!

Ciclo Café
As the name suggests, Ciclo Café is a bicycle-themed café brimming with wheels and other cycle paraphernalia adorning its walls and bike seats that double as seating. The quirky décor with frame posters complement the brightly lit café’s large windows that overlook the road. All in all, Ciclo is a beautifully themed café that you have to have on your Insta-feed.

Urban Desi House
If you’re a fan of Desi swags, Urban Desi House is the place for you. Known for its pocket-friendly menu, this café’s wacky décor offers a fresh fused touch of the urban culture. The eatery radiates a raw feeling and offers normal steel chairs or even quirky cut tree logs as seating! With books to read and board games all over, don’t miss out the café’s wall art.

Writer’s Café
One of Chennai’s hottest spots; Writer’s Café is mostly visited by bibliophiles. A décor with bookshelves and books, Writer’s Café has now become a favorite destination for all. What’s special about this café is that it trains and employees burn victims to provide them with life skills. It’s all about inclusivity. Good enough reason to visit, right?

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