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Surviving Summertime

By September 23, 2022No Comments

With summer months stretching ahead, there’s an air of steam, of course but an air of laze that captures you. The television sets are loaded with reruns of your favourite TV shows, sbcstudio youtube and your ice trays are all set. It’s indeed a season to “chill” but one could never be too prepared for summer’s fiery heat and fatigue. Here are a few tips for this summer to keep your body and mind cool as a cucumber.

1. Cozy in Cotton
Stay unflustered by the heat and sweat that summer throws on you by wearing the shield of cotton and loose fitting garments. Lighter shades, pastels, summer dresses and florals are both comfortable and fashionable summer attire

2. Of Shades and Shadows
Don the sunglasses that have been hiding in your handbag for too long. Sunglasses block harmful UV rays and guard your eyes from heat and dust. You could also pick out those colourful umbrellas and breezy scarves to guard your hair and skin.

3. Shunning away the sunshine
A layer of sunscreen 15 minutes before direct exposure under the sun can do wonders. It protects your skin from harsh sun rays and harmful skin burns. Carrying a tube of sunscreen in your bag is a must for summertime.

4. Ice packs, portable coolers
Summers can be a bit harsh on your sensitive skin. Preparing ice packs with natural ingredients could rejuvenate the skin and restore the balance that is sucked out by the heat. Some popular ice packs include- cucumber, rose, green tea, tangerine ice packs that could be used for all skin types.

5. Soak your insides
Stay hydrated because your body simply needs it. Keep refilling your bottle. Tweak it up with fruit infusions and mint to keep your body cool. Drinking more liquids like coconut water, lemonades, buttermilk which aid in digestion and strengthens immunity.

6. Glorious summer gourmet
Summer fruits like watermelons, cherries and mangoes are not only delicious during summer but also filled with necessary vitamins, citric acids that helps your body beat the heat.
Cool salads, Coleslaw, iced coffees and teas are other popular snacks for the summer.

7. Soak you outsides
At the end of the day(or even at dawn), a nice cool shower drains the fatigue and discomfort of sweat from your body. Old school bucket baths with cold water are refreshing and looked forward to every summer.
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