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Sunshine, Seafood & Sea: A Trip to Marina Beach

By September 26, 2022No Comments

Marina Beach
Marina beach which stretches 13 kilometres in length holds the title for the second longest natural beach in the world. It also enjoys the limelight of being the hub of many (by many, I mean A LOT) of Chennaites, who spend their lazy weekends here with their friends and families. Evenings in Marina beach may get crowded sometimes, but when beach is life, they don’t matter. Take a walk along the shoreline to truly understand the magic that is Marina beach. And read on to find out why we truly love our sunny Marina beach.

Discovering Heritage
Observe the countless Indo-Saracenic buildings laid across the long stretch of the beach. Be amazed at the distinctive Colonial-style architecture found in University of Madras’ Senate House and Fort St. George and Presidency College and revel in its history. Go for an early morning walk and catch the first rays of the sun while breathing in the history of the city.

Food Galore
A trip to Marina beach is never really complete without feasting on some of its best local foods. For some fresh and yummy seafood, seek Sundari Akka’s fame kadai. Her home-made fish fry, crab and rice, prawns fry will wow you and have you coming here every weekend. Her special marinades will leave any spice lover content and happy. Along the stretch of the beach, you’ll find numerous food stalls serving beach-goers fried vanjaram, stirfried shrimps, molaga bajjis and even sunny sides up eggs! After a long day at the beach, take a break and enjoy some special mango slices with chilli powder, roasted corn-on-the-cob rubbed with lemon chilli paste, cotton candy, sundal and more. The local vendors will be happy to serve you and plus, it won’t cause a huge hole in your pockets!

Madras Lighthouse
At the southern end of Marina beach, you’ll find the fourth incarnation Madras Lighthouse. Did you know it is the only lighthouse with an elevator? Also, it’s the only lighthouse to run on solar power. The Madras lighthouse, built in 1976 by the East Coast Constructions and Industries is now an iconic attraction of Chennai. Enjoy the ridiculously wonderful view of the beach and city from here.

Pamper Yourself
Take moments away from soaking the sun in Marina beach and decide to pamper yourself in some wonderful spa treatments around the beach. Breathe the salty air and get relaxing. Sowkhya Ayurvedic Spa, Ananta Spa and River Day Spa are some of the best options near the beach.

Chase the Thrill
Are you at the beach with the gang and looking for something adventurous or thrilling to do? We got you covered! Stop by the Marina Kart Arena in the northern side of Marina beach for some friendly go karting race. Unfortunately, due to the powerful currents of the beach, you’re not allowed to swim. But there are multiple swimming pools along the beach, where you can dip and soak in the sun. You’ll also find skating areas, jogging tracks, merry-go-rounds, pony rides here.

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