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Some Interesting Facts About Hotels Around the World

By September 23, 2022No Comments

Do you know how many hotels around the world have evolved from simple Bed-&-Breakfasts (B&Bs) to wonders in themselves? Update your travel wish list with some incredible hotel info right here.

1. Did you know about a hotel in Maldives that lets you enjoy both under-sea-marvels and private-islet-cosiness in a perfect blend simultaneously? It’s a two-story ritzy residence that nestles in the Indian Ocean with a top floor above the water.

2. The coastal city of Harlingen, Netherlands presents three unique choices to its visitors — you can either swing into your panoramic room on a crane, cast off in a renovated lifeboat for the thrill of a private trip to the sea and stay, or enjoy your staycation on top of a real lighthouse!

3. Fancy spending a night in the fairyland of winter and snow? Quebec, Canada offers just that experience to you in a hotel literally made of ice! Enjoy it amidst immaculate lighting, numerous ice sculptures, décor items and the ice bar during winter every year.

4. How about visiting a radically different B&B in New Mexico that’s built at 21 meters below the surface within a cliff face of 65-million-year-old sandstone? Feel free to immerse yourself in geological wonders of time and earth in ‘deep’ privacy (pun intended).

5. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia boasts of 48500-square-feet of an absolute wonder to curious travellers– a hotel almost entirely made of and furnished with salt. Visitors are strictly forbidden to lick it off!

6. There’s a hotel in Nairobi, Kenya that lets you cherish your holidays in abundant company of the local wildlife, namely giraffes. Don’t hesitate to share your breakfast and take selfies with them at these amazing 12 acres right by the Ngong forest!

7. Let’s end this exemplary round-the-world trip with a royal resort from India. Built on the shores of Lake Pichola, there’s a majestic palace-turned-hotel built on a heritage site that was originally the hunting grounds of the historical kings Mewar, Rajasthan. Today, visitors can enjoy an ultra-luxurious and almost magical stay, while getting a fascinating view of a wildlife sanctuary right next to it.

There are many other magnificent places around the world that’ll definitely make you gape in wonder and awe. With this list of our top 7 choices in mind, set loose your wanderlust spirit and have loads of fun exploring them all!