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Nifty Hacks to Make Your Travel Comfortable

By September 23, 2022September 24th, 2022No Comments

Are you about to start your dream vacation? Or, is a short business trip coming up soon? Whether you’re gearing up for backpacking by yourself or a family vacation or even a business trip, any number of factors can make the travel stressful to you. Check out the following clever hacks for every stage of the travel to ensure a hassle-free and comfortable experience always.

Travel organizing hacks
Use apps like TripAdvisor, TripIt etc. to book/track flights, hotel/apartments and tickets for major entertainment events you’re planning to attend there. Save time and avoid last-minute stress of missing out something important.
Scan and save your passport, other important documents like booking confirmations, receipts and itinerary online and in your phone, as emergency backups.

Share your itinerary and hotel information with someone reliable at home, before your travel.

Packing hacks
Start with a list of everything you think you’d need and then review to figure out what’s actually necessary. Packing strategically avoids excess weight penalties.
Pack light. Roll your clothes instead of folding to squeeze in more. Place a tissue paper enveloping your delicate garments before rolling to skip wrinkles.

Take stock of your toiletries, medicines and personal hygiene items, and replenish if required, especially when travelling with kids.

Safeguard electronic gadgets and jewellery – wrap them separately in waterproof packets. Roll your clothes around them to protect from rough luggage handling during the travel.

Use binder clips on sharp objects like razors to prevent cuts and bruises later.

On-the-tour hacks
Don’t forget to recharge your gadgets overnight. Utilise the USB slot of a TV if you’ve forgotten portable chargers. Preferably, carry a fully charged power bank and/or universal power socket compatible to your smart devices for longer runtime.

Make sure to carry enough local currency for transactions on-the-go. As per your cards’ capacity, use ATMs instead of currency exchange outlets and save big on inflated rates/commissions.

Learn and respect local culture and important traditions to avoid unnecessary hazards and miscommunications.
Install local apps for easy transport, reliable meal options and better interactions.

Returning home hacks
Upon returning home, unpack ASAP, no matter how tired you feel. There would always be extra workload following the days of your return on various fronts to compensate for the vacation time. You’d not want to add your unpacking chore to that long list anyway.

Keep in mind these nifty travel hacks in all your trips for assured comfortable travel, every single time. Planning for a stay in The Lotus hotel/luxury apartments in Chennai next? Follow these hacks to enjoy your trip and take away comfortable travel memories back home with you.