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How has the Indian hotel industry fared so far?

By September 23, 2022No Comments

From the Musafirkhaanas to the Viharas to the Dharamshala, the concept of travellers’ shelter is not new in India. Since then, the evolution of the “shelter industry”, better known now as the hospitality or the hotel industry has been tremendous.

With the boom in the industries and business opportunities in India, the demand for the hotel industry is at an all-time high. The success story of the hotel industry in India is only second to that of China’s.

According to the World Trade and Tourism Council, India is ranked 18th in business travel and will be amongst the top 5 ranks very soon. The manpower required in the hotel industry has increased from 7 million in 2002 to 15 million in 2010 and it has grown since then. The industry grows at an average of 15% each year with an increase in IT professionals moving to metro cities constantly.

In 2010, the Common Wealth Games was hosted in India, which had brought in close to 50 international budget chain hotels into the country. If that wasn’t enough, the increases in the stock market and business opportunities in the country have appealed to the foreign investors and corporate travellers’s

map. traveller. With international travellers visiting India from over 167 countries, India is now on the world

With over 350 million domestic travellers per year, the hotel industry in India now serves as a platter for a remarkable set of opportunities for the hotel chains to spread their horizons.

Heritage Hotels mirror the magnificence and splendour. travellers is usually pulled off with the hotel properties being old Havelis and ancient mansions. The cadres these hotels cater to are usually destination tourists and ambience that is traditional. The ambience with an experience of royal pleasures in an travellers of the nation, providing

Luxury Hotels are fortified with world class infrastructural amenities that offer travellers with a fine dining and lodging experience. The welcome is like no other and like its heritage counterpart, the luxury hotels cater to the upper-classed executive section of the economy.

Budget Hotels are a sector that caters to most of the domestic business travelling population of the country. The upper-middle class and middle-class cadre have made budget hotels or Economy class hotels their home away from home. These offer contemporary infrastructural facilities for a comfortable and pleasing stay.

Resorts are a haven for tourists, mostly found in scenic destinations like hill stations and cities with beaches. These are typically preferred by travellers who’d want to enjoy valuable and relaxed time with friends and family.

Apartment Hotels are both an evolution and revolution by itself in the industry! They offer hotel rooms that are attached with apartment-like facilities like a kitchen a personalised alike.travellers dining area and seldom a living room as well while shelling out a vibe and comfort of a budget hotel. These types of hotels are very new to the industry when compared to the others and are increasingly popular amongst frequent business and leisure

The Indian Hotel Industry has taken on the global chains on its own terms and won, making it remarkably successful.