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Desserts That Matter: The city’s best

By September 23, 2022September 27th, 2022No Comments

They say, eat desserts first so that you never regret missing them out. With the city being a sweet tooth’s paradise, here is a list of some of the must-visit spots for desserts/mithai and more,that you cannot afford to miss.

The authentic south Indian rice pudding made of milk, jaggery, rice and/or vermicelli is usually served after a meal or as part of the traditional south Indian lunch called Saapadu. With its mild sweetness and aromatic warmth, this dessert will steal your heart and taste buds. Where to find – Mapalai, Nungumbakkam.

Mysore Pak
Loaded with the richness of ghee, sugar and chickpea flour, this bar of sweetness melts in your mouth instantly. Unlike the regular crunchy bars, the Mysore Paa is the softer one, simply a variant which is as soft as a cotton candy is found in different parts of the city, is a treat you ought not miss. Where to find – Sri Krishna Sweets.

Motichoor laddoo
This ball of joy, literally translated as a ball of crushed pearls is both a delicious and luxurious gourmet affair for every sweet tooth. Known for its rich texture and flavour, this ladoo is culturally identified as the sweet for occasions such as Diwali, the festival of lights. Where to find – Shree Mithai

The sugar syrup based, crunchy sweet is one of the most popular one throughout the country and the whole of South Asia. Often served with warm rabdi, a kind of creamy milk pudding , it is an unbeatable and must try dessert from the country. Where to find – Kakada Ramprasad

The south Indian crunchy puff like patty is mildly sweet and coated with sugar to leave traces of a fulfilling experience in your dessert-craving gut. Called by different names, this sweet dish is a winner from south. Where to find – Adyar Ananda Bhavan

The simplest yet the most satisfying sweet is the Peda, made of khoya, a milk product and sugar. It was traditionally used as an offer to the Gods and Goddesses during festivals. It is often garnished with cardamom, pistachios and other nuts and is a must for every foodie out there. Where to find – Ajab Mithai Ghar

Rava Kesari
Semolina Halwa, or Sooji ka Halwa is simply another variant of the popular Halwas. With its grainy texture and a delightful sweet flavour, it is the city’s favourite. Where to find – Adyar Ananda Bhavan.

Sugar infused balls of cottage cheese, is an unappetizing way of describing Rasagullas. Or to say that it’s a Bengali sweet, from the region owning the monopoly over sweet and dessert culture, would still be an understatement. This soft and spongy sweet, beats all the cakes out there and wins with the goodness of milk.Where to find – Agarwal Bhavan So if your mouth isn’t watering yet, go try them for yourself. If it has flooded, go anyway!