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Chennai Food

By September 24, 2022September 25th, 2022No Comments

Don’t miss this food next time you are in Chennai
If you think all that people in Chennai eat are Idlis, you have never been so wrong in your life. Chennai’s food game has always been on fleek, with new restaurants popping up in every corner. But all said and done, nothing can replace the authentic cuisine that speaks to the heart.

The days here don’t begin until we sip the first cup of coffee. The smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the air in every part of the city. The addiction for coffee never dies out, and extends from breakfast till dinner. For most Chennaites, daily routine kicks off with coffee in one hand and The Hindu in the other.

For the love of Biriyani
Try counting the number of biriyani shops in Chennai; counting stars is probably easier. The city houses multiple versions of Ambur Biriyani, Dindugal Biriyani, Hyderabadi Biriyani, phew, the list is endless. While you are at it, don’t forget to try legendary “Chicken 65” at Buhari. The word Biriyani resonates with every person here and the sole thing that unites people here, a close trail to CSK. *whistle podu*

Dosa for the win
Dosa is more than just another food, its art in the making. It is comfort food for most of Chennai and several versions like Podi, Masala and ghee dosas are classics. “Tosai” in Velachery, an ultimate ode to Chennai’s favorite, adds quirky twist and serves up to 99 variety of dosa. There is literally nothing a plate of crispy dosa and hot sambar can’t cure.

Athos Anyone?
Atho, a Burmese food is a popular street food in India. Burma Bazaar, where many Tamil refugees set up homes and businesses after their deportation, holds the reign for authentic Burmese food, along with being a shopping hub for the tech geeks. Atho is cooked noodles mixed and served with fresh raw vegetables. If you want to try them, head straight to Parry’s Corner around 5pm.

Meals Ready!
If you can eat off a banana leaf, you’ve won life already. The traditional south Indian food is served on a banana leaf. A single plate of food encompasses everything, from the customary payasam to buttermilk; there’s no limit to the assortment. Walk into any restaurant around noon to enjoy a sumptuous lunch.

Alsa mall Omelettes
The mall is identified with Sree balaji sandwich stall which serves the best bread omelets in the city. Fondly referred to as “Alsa mall omelet kadai”, this joint is on the top of must try street food list and never is there no crowd in front of this shop

Craving Sea food?
Nothing defines Chennai like Marina beach, and by virtue of it, Sea food is an integral part of people’s palate. Titanic is a small joint in Marina that serves the finest sea food in Chennai. Famous for pepper fish and kesby beef, this place is bustling with foodies in the nigh. But if you worried about hygiene, you can always head to Marina in Greams road.