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How the involvement of technology has changed the reservation game!

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The hotel industry has been undergoing constant evolutionary and revolutionary transfiguration from the time the first ever hotel came up in the world. From the introduction of in-room telephone services back in 1894 to the first ever robot hotel opening up in Japan in 2016, technology has remoulded hotels and its functionality to keep its competitors on edge as well as making sure that the guests’ expectations and comfortability are always the top priority.

The revelations made in the hotel industry were not always born within the sector but rather a collective from industries surrounding and supporting it. The life of a traveller has been eased down to the point where everything is, just within a click of the mouse or touch of the screen away.

People now can’t fathom a situation where reservation and the amenities proffered by the industry are not accessible through the internet, social media platforms or e-commerce mobile technologies. The totality of the system now known as Central Reservation System (CRS) which allows the hotels to manage their online marketing and sales to all the sales channels out there was initially brought out by the airline industry. This eases the pressure on the hoteliers, as the CRS takes care of disseminating information regarding vacancy, price, facilities, offers and much more to the sales channels, traditional travel agencies and even newer online agencies. This enables the hoteliers to control and analyse the revenue generated by each site towards the hotel’s profit all from one common system.

Technology has made it easier for travellers as well as the hosts to organise and function better than before and that is the story which we hear from wherever technology has its hands deep in. The ability to compare, analyse and choose from the best was handed to the people solely thanks to the revelation from the airline industry. This seemingly small juncture in technology is unknown to the majority of users and consumers as this system has been in effect from before the dot-com era.

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