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How Hotels Are Making Guests Feel Safer and More Secure

Security is an investment that hotel owners are always ready to make because any lapse on this front is bad for the business. Hotels are susceptible to many fraud avenues such as theft, burglaries, cybercrimes such as identity information theft, assault and other crimes due to public access. In such events, hotels lose their reputation, customer loyalty and therefore, revenue.

The first priority towards guest service is safety and security. Here’s a look at how hotels are making guests feel safer and more secure these days.

Intelligent Access Control Systems

Though the rights to admission are reserved, hotels are places with public access entrances. Therefore, limiting the access to areas only to paying guests and staff are an added security layer that will be appreciated by both guests and hotel staff. Security systems that are operated through intelligent remote access allow the management to control who gets access to which areas. For example, Lotus Apartments and Hotels provide secured rooms and thus restrict access to paying guests. Also, access to guest floors can be restricted by making elevators usable by key card only.

Stronger Cyber Security

Hotels have access to a lot of personal data of customers and the media has been abuzz frequently about information breach. Third party service providers are also a point of access for a hotel’s data of information and then, there is the threat of Ransomware. Hotels need to use updated software tools like, File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), United Threat Management (UTM), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), etc.

Advanced Surveillance Technology

Surveillance should not intrude into the privacy of guests and also should not increase the staff’s difficulties. Technological advancements have upgraded surveillance to motion detectors, face-recognition, anti-tampering systems, etc. and furthermore can be customised according to budget and requirements. Lotus Hotels are covered with 24 hour surveillance and even the parking areas of the hotel are secured.

Proper Staff Training

Properly trained staff is the first point of contact that guests have with the feeling of safety and security. In case of fire hazard or natural calamity induced alarm, etc. properly trained staff ensures that all safety protocol are followed and guests are safe. Moreover, well-trained staff also makes sure that the maintenance of safety equipments is always up to date.

Guests come to hotels with the expectation that they and their belongings will be safe. This assurance leads to longer and more frequent stays. Lotus Hotels understand this basic expectation and offer widespread security features.

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