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5 Reasons to Choose an Apartment Hotel

Ever wonder why “home away from home” is such an oft-used catchphrase in the travel industry? That’s because people love the comfy, at-home experience even when they are away on a vacation. While the best hotels, with their fantastic views and bunch of amenities, offer great stays, apartment hotels are perfect for those who really want to feel like they are living in a home away from home.

But, that’s not all. There are more reasons why apartment hotels make the perfect vacation choice.

  • They offer great value

You can easily save yourself some vacation costs by opting for an apartment hotel. It won’t dent your wallet like staying in a fancy hotel would do, but will give you the same amenities for less. The secret of getting the most value for maximum comfort lies in choosing a reputed brand of apartment hotels like The Lotus Hotel.

  • You can eat what you want

Even the best of hotels have a selected menu on offer and your food choices are restricted to whatever they serve. Compare that to the freedom of cooking any meal of your choice at a fully-equipped kitchen in an apartment hotel. Plus, by cooking your own meals, you can keep your costs down and even enjoy fresh local supplies.

  • You get ample of privacy

You’ll find no privacy when you step out in the hotel’s lobby or other common areas. Plus, there are loud guests, wake-up calls, housekeeping calls, and so on. No such intrusion in an apartment hotel. Simply move in and relax in your own private accommodation, uninterrupted. How wonderful does that sound!

  • Short or long-term stay — you’re sorted

Most vacations are short lived. But if you’re out on a month-long trip to really explore a location, putting up at a mid-range hotel can burn a hole in your pocket. In apartment hotels, you can avail the best possible services for both short and long-term stays. In fact, when you choose an apartment hotel, long-term stays turn out to be way more affordable.

  •  More space for comfortable living

An apartment hotel is like a real apartment. It means you get more space to live, cook, relax, and even entertain guests. Hotel rooms with their limited space cannot give you that level of comfort and convenience.

Need more reasons for why apartment hotels are a great option? Book your stay at our one of apartment hotels for your next trip and feel the difference!

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