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Apartment Hotels Are Taking The Hotel Industry By Storm! Here Is Why?

By September 23, 2022No Comments

A phenomenon that is growing each day and will continue to grow with the constantly demanding and booming economy – Business travel. As advanced as technology currently in this century is, nothing beats the good old shake of a hand when you close a deal or that satisfaction of meeting your client in person to understand and get a feel of your progress in the market.

With a constant rise in the number of people who travel long distances for whatever amount of time, the hotel industry is motivated to serve you better. Due to such motivation, one of the ingenious ideas that were born is the concept of an Apartment Hotel. True to its name, an apartment hotel can leave you wondering in a happy way of course; if it is a hotel or if it is a beautiful apartment – only if you are a first timer though. For regular users it immediately becomes a second home away from theirs.

Apartment hotels are typically found in urban locations, making way for an easier commute and these properties offer larger rooms than hotels – primarily studios as well as one bedroom and in some cases two bedroom apartments. Apartment hotels are fully furnished with en-suite bathrooms, fitted kitchen or kitchenette, lounge/dining area, and the perks you enjoy in a hotel.

The mode of transport has revolutionized over the years making business travel easy, but now, with the concept of apartment hotels in place; the stay is so much better too. While the apartment hotels are certainly being enjoyed immensely by business travelers, they are not the only loyal users. Vacationers these days prefer the apartment hotels that make their stay in an apartment’s setting a true – home away from home experience.