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4 Unexplored Getaways from Chennai that everyone must visit

By September 24, 2022September 25th, 2022No Comments

“Client meetings! Project submissions! Meeting deadlines! Achieving targets!”

If you are hampered with such statements in your mind, then it’s time for a break from the hustle and bustle of your hectic work life. Plan a few days of serenity which will help kick-start your daily work schedule again with more zeal and fervor.

Be it the remarkable Marina beach or a graceful dance performance at Kalakshetra, a cultural exploration of Dakshinchitra or a walk in the Theosophical Society, you must have seen Chennai and appreciated its rich culture and architecture.

Go and pack your bags and head outside the “Land of Dosas and Pongal” to explore the nearby unexplored locales. Here is a list of 4 lesser known weekend getaways from Chennai you must visit to feel rejuvenated and charged-up for work!

Chandragiri – Witness the History of Vijaynagar Era
Distance from Chennai: 145.2 km
Chandragiri is a historical place near Tirupati and a not so popular tourist place near Chennai. Be ready to be mesmerized with expansive lush greenery and small hills. Stay till the sunset as it’s a beautiful sight you shouldn’t miss. Make sure you visit the Chandragiri Fort and the Raja Mahal Palace inside it to catch a glimpse of the historical essence of the Vijaynagar Empire. Also, it is just 5 miles away from the picturesque bridge at Thekkil.

Talakona Waterfalls – Explore the Highest Waterfall of Andhra Pradesh
Distance from Chennai: 192.7 km
The beautiful Talakona waterfalls is located between a dense forest and abundant greenery, in Sri Venkateswara National Park. The highest waterfall of Andhra Pradesh, Talakona waterfalls is believed to have healing powers. You can spot wild animals like Slender Loris, Mouse Deer, Panther, Golden Gecko, Chital and Sambar here. The canopy rope walk here is quite thrilling and makes Talakona one of the most interesting Chennai getaway destinations.

Tranquebar – The Land of the Singing Waves
Distance from Chennai: 272.2 km
Forgotten to be touched by time, and still known for its tranquility, is Tharagambadi, otherwise known as Tranquebar – the land of the singing waves. This former Danish colony is the ultimate destination for those who wish to lose themselves in History. Tranquebar is a tiny beach town that is located at the junction where Cauvery River meets the Bay of Bengal. An essential highlight here is the Fort Dansborg, near the beach, which is distinctly European with its arched gate and ramparts. Other places to visit include the Danish Governor’s House, the Zion Church, and the many ruins.

Alamparai Fort – A Long Forgotten Trading Port
Distance from Chennai: 112.2 km
What was once a magnificent seaport is now just brick and limestone walls. The Alamparai Fort, built by the Mughals and gifted to the French, is one of the lesser known places near Chennai. The fort’s broken walls and its beautiful surroundings are something you must witness. If you climb on these ruins, you can get an amazing view of the ocean. The Alamparai Fort exudes a gloomy yet attractive vibe that is just irresistible.

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