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4 Simple ways to enhance the Pre-arrival guest experience and why it makes a difference

By September 23, 2022No Comments

The personalization of guest experience before their arrival is no longer a luxury but a mandatory requirement for the hoteliers to survive. At present, most travelers book a hotel to experience a pampered feeling than just to stay in a comfortable hotel room. Let’s look at some of the simple ways to enhance their pre-arrival experience.

1) Confirm the booking
This should be the first point of contact you must make with the guest after they have finished booking. Start with emailing your guests, thanking them for booking with your hotel and then include the details of their booking. Finally, attach your social media profiles at the bottom of the e-mail to enable them to connect with them if any issue arises. This way, you indicate to them that you are concerned about their needs and that you are ever-ready to help them.

2) Customize their experience
Each and every guest have their personal preferences like a cotton bedsheet, a room with beautiful scenery, a place to smoke, and so on. Send them a survey over mail, a week before their arrival, to know more about their preferences. This reduces the hassle for both the staff as well as the guest. This will help the guest have a seamless hotel experience and also help the employees fulfill last-minute guest requests.

3) Upsell Strategically
It makes no sense for you to offer a romantic hotel stay for two to a family of five. It will be better to offer a family, a family-style activity and romantic dinner only to couples. Use the information collected from your customer surveys and offer the upsell strategically to increase bookings which in turn will increase the revenue of the hotel too.

4) Give a reminder for booking.
This should be the last pre-arrival communication that has to be sent a day before their booking date, just to remind your guests of their hotel stay and check-in policy. This opportunity can also be used to subtly indicate how enthusiastic the hotel is for the guest to visit.

The Lotus Hotels is proud to provide such seamless guest experiences in the past and hope to continue to do so. Stay with The Lotus Hotels for a stay that you will never forget.

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